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ROG Phone 8: Best Gaming Phone of 2024

A select few Android Phones dominate the smartphone market, but a handful of brands have neatly carved out a specialized niche. Among them is ASUS and their “Republic of Gamers” devices, designed and built specifically for gamers. At CES 2024, ASUS announced and unveiled the ROG Phone 8, adding key upgrades and improvements to last […]

2024 Samsung TV Lineup Clearly Steals The Show at CES

At CES 2024, Samsung made a slew of product announcements — from rolling AI Bots to refrigerators — but it’s the television category that saw the biggest updates. Every single series of Samsung TV is being improved to various degrees, and of course, infused with AI. Transparent TVs Steal the Show The big 2024 buzzword […]

GTA 6: Trailer & Screenshots

Did Rockstar Games put Tyreek Hill in GTA 6? It certainly seems that way based on the “CH33TAH” vanity plates.

Cybertruck Specs: RWD vs. AWD vs. Cyberbeast

It’s been 4 years since the Cybertruck was announced and Tesla has finally unveiled the official Cybertruck Specs! Here is a comparison of the specs for the three different Cybertruck models: Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD), All-Wheel Drive (AWD), and Cyberbeast: RWD AWD Cyberbeast Price $60,990 $79,990 $99,990 Availability 2025 2024 2024 Range 250 miles 340 miles […]

Cybertruck crushes Porsche 911 and F350 Diesel in speed and towing challenge

Elon Musk unveiled “the most unique thing on the road” at the Cybertruck Delivery Event, claiming victory with “a product that the experts said would never be made”, and declaring that “the future will finally look like the future” on American roads. Cybertruck vs. Porsche 911 The event had some jaw-dropping “wow” moments, but none […]

Welcome to the Flock: Android Forums is now Early Bird Club!

It was an amazing 15+ year run at AndroidForums.com… but today is the dawn of a new era. Android Forums became one of the largest websites on the PLANET by building a community of tech early adopters that loved tracking, testing, and discussing the best new tech. For over a decade, Android dominated tech headlines, […]

New Apple Pencil: $79, USB-C, Available Now

Apple Unveils the New Apple Pencil with USB-C charging. It elevates the digital writing experience and it’s also cheaper. Apple Pen Highlights: Innovation at Your Fingertips: The New Apple Pencil Exciting times for digital creators and note-takers! Apple brings you the newly unveiled Apple Pencil, enhancing your digital writing experience. The latest version will boost […]

Apple Unleashes M3 Chips on New Macbook Pro & iMac Models

M3 Chips: A Technological Leap Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ event marked the debut of its M3 chips, a significant advancement in computing technology. Integrated into the new MacBook Pro and iMac, the M3 chips promise remarkable performance improvements and energy efficiency. This leap allows more transistors to be packed into a smaller space, enabling substantial gains […]

Apple “Scary Fast” Event: Macs & M3 Chip on Halloween-Eve

If you thought the iPhone 15 Event was Apple’s last big announcement of 2023, you’d be wrong: there’s one more thing. Apple is gearing up to unveil its latest innovations at a unique nighttime virtual event, “Scary Fast,” set for October 30th at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET. In an unusual move, the tech giant […]

Cybertruck’s 2024 VIN Decoder and GVWRs Stir Enthusiastic Speculations

No vehicle has captured excitement quite like the Tesla Cybertruck, and early adopters have newfound hope since there is now an official delivery date (November 30th). And now, more details are emerging. Unveiling the VIN A sleuthing forum user uncovered the Cybertruck VIN decoder, stirring excitement and prompting speculative discussions among enthusiasts. The details were […]