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Rockstar Games has officially unveiled the video trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI, announcing a release date in 2025, and if you look closely you might just spot a hint that one of the most electrifying players in the NFL will make a cameo.

There’s so much to chew on in this epic teaser reel… let’s touch on a few highlights hear you first impressions in the comments.

Meet Lucia: GTA 6 Main Character

The trailer starts with an aerial view of a buzzing city at golden hour before transporting us to a jail cell where we meet Lucia, who tells her parole officer that she blames being locked up on “bad luck, I guess”.

GTA 6 is in Miami (Vice City)

We’re then treated to a drone shot over a beautiful beach laying in front of highrise condos.

It could be any beach, but only one beach comes to mind as the imagery starts to unfold… first we see swamps and flamingos:

Extravagant nightlife with hordes of luxury cars:

Wait… that license plate says “CH33TAH”: is Tyreek Hill in GTA 6?

This game is DEFINITELY based in Miami and Tyreek Hill, the NFL’s leading Wide Receiver and potential league MVP, plays for the Miami Dolphins and goes by the name Cheetah. Heck, even his Twitter handle is @cheetah!

More likely it’s a simple reference to the Cheetah supercar that’s been a fan favorite in the game since the beginning, but a cameo by Tyreek would be a nice surprise.

Regardless, it certainly seems like we’re headed to Vice City in none other than make-believe Miami, Florida…

Who’s ready for a rooftop pool party?

Make It Rain Mondays

They unleashed the GTA 6 trailer on Monday, December 4th, but it seems like every day will be “Make It Rain” Monday in the sixth version of Grand Theft Auto, starting at the strip club:

Plenty of places to “Have a VICE day”!

Hillbilly Mud Club

It looks like there will be something for everyone… if you aren’t about twerking club music, how about the Hillbilly Mud Club party?!

GTA 6 Missions

Based purely on quicklooks in the trailer it seems like we’ll be treated to tons of creative missions, including marsh buggy getaways, alligators in swimming pools, dadbod boat parties, urban drag races, chasing naked fat guys through gas stations, ghost riding whips, run-ins with dirt-bike dirt-bags, and much much more!

This could bet the most accurate portrayal of Florida in any video game based on the number of Karens and “Florida Man” appearances in the trailer alone.

GTA 6 Easter Eggs

What interesting insights or tidbits were you able to gather from watching the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI?

Let us know in the comments!

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