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It was an amazing 15+ year run at AndroidForums.com… but today is the dawn of a new era.

Android Forums became one of the largest websites on the PLANET by building a community of tech early adopters that loved tracking, testing, and discussing the best new tech. For over a decade, Android dominated tech headlines, but here’s the thing: times change and we’re not just Android fans. We’re tech enthusiasts with a wide variety of evolving interests.

Yes, we actually did it… we burned Android Forums down.

We burned Android Forums down to build something bigger. Something better. Something that’s not beholden to any one tech company or brand. Something that — just like tech innovation itself — can capture and recapture our imagination in new ways we never thought possible.

Don’t worry: if you go to AndroidForums.com you’ll still arrive at the forum, and if you search Google for AndroidForums.com you’ll be magically redirected to the proper place on EBC.

We’ve got a lot more to say, but we’ll save it for later: there’s far too much work to be done.

So pardon the dust as we rise from the ashes. We know you’ve got opinions, but now it’s easier than ever to share them.

Tell us what you think below!

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