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It’s back! Years after Samsung first unveiled “Ballie”, the rolling AI Robot first unveiled at CES 2020, the company has reintroduced it at CES 2024- this time with a projector in-tow!

The Samsung Ballie is:

  • About the size of a bowling ball
  • Lasts 2-3 hours on a charge
  • Includes spatial lidar sensor to navigate
  • Features 1080p projector with two lenses for movies and video calls

Ballie has some neat options. It can respond to both voice commands or text messages, operate “non-smart” devices with an infrared transmitter, and follow your dog around broadcasting live video of its every bark.

Neat tricks! But how many consumers will pay up for a glorified Sphero that tells you when to water plants while Boston Dynamics has full fledged humanoid robots practicing how to do our laundry?

No word on pricing or availability, but let us know if you pick one up!

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