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At Microsoft’s recent event held in New York, a slew of product announcements and updates were revealed. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what was showcased:

1. Surface Laptop Studio 2:

  • Starting Price: $1,999.
  • OS: Integrated with Windows 11’s Copilot software.
  • Availability: Currently open for pre-orders, with an official release slated for Oct. 3.
  • Specifications: The device runs on a 13th-gen Intel Core chip and offers a range of Nvidia graphics options. It features a 14.4-inch display, a USB-A port, MicroSD card slot, and can support up to 64GB RAM. An improved haptic touchpad and better battery performance are also among the key upgrades.

2. Surface Laptop Go 3:

  • Starting Price: $799.
  • Highlights: It’s equipped with a 12.4-inch touch display, a 12th-gen Intel CPU, and offers configurations up to 16GB RAM and 512GB of solid-state storage.

3. Windows 11 Updates:

  • Release Date: Scheduled for Sept. 26.
  • Features: Microsoft is integrating Copilot with Bing and Edge. Other updates include a cloud-centric login, enhanced snipping tools, an AI-augmented Paint app, and versatile taskbar customization. A noteworthy feature is the Notepad’s ability to resume sessions.

4. Surface Go 4:

  • Designation: Primarily intended for businesses.
  • Functionality: It offers the flexibility of being docked, used as a laptop, or as a tablet.
  • Specifications: Powered by an Intel N200 processor, the Go 4 sports a 10.5-inch touch display and promises a battery life of 12.5 hours.

5. Surface Hub 3:

  • Design: Available in 85-inch and 50-inch versions, this device is designed for corporate environments.
  • Features: With Microsoft Teams integration, it promises enhanced video call capabilities.

6. Microsoft 365 Copilot AI Tool Release:

  • Launch Date: Set to be available for large businesses from Nov. 1.
  • Pricing: The tool will cost an additional $30 per user per month, added to the regular Microsoft 365 fees.
  • Capabilities: The AI tool offers features like meeting summaries and identifying mentions.

Remarks from Leadership: CEO Satya Nadella highlighted the potential of Microsoft’s Copilot AI tools in reshaping user experiences across the board. The event also acknowledged shifts in the tech landscape with competitors like Atlassian, Google, and Salesforce investing in generative AI. On the organizational front, the departure of Panos Panay, a long-time presenter of Surface devices, was announced.

Source: Microsoft

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