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No vehicle has captured excitement quite like the Tesla Cybertruck, and early adopters have newfound hope since there is now an official delivery date (November 30th). And now, more details are emerging.

Unveiling the VIN

A sleuthing forum user uncovered the Cybertruck VIN decoder, stirring excitement and prompting speculative discussions among enthusiasts. The details were disclosed through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as required by law, then scrupulously dissected by fans, bringing various viewpoints and interpretations to light along the way.

Analysis of the GVWR

The VIN information showcased differing Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWRs) for the Cybertruck models. The Performance version will boast a GVWR of 9,XXX pounds, while the Standard model will be at 8,XXX pounds. Participants in the forum compared these numbers with other models such as the Tesla Model X, Model S, and Model Y, as well as competitors like the Rivian R1T and the Hummer EV, placing the Cybertruck within a competitive range.

Model Varieties and Speculations

Discussion particularly flourished around the likely initial release of the Dual Motor Standard and Triple Motor Performance models for 2024. Enthusiasts are surmising from the VIN details that the Dual Motor Standard might weigh between 8,000 to 9,000 pounds and the Triple Motor Performance could push into the 9,000 to 10,000-pound class.

For reference, here is a section of the VIN: 7G2 C E G E D R A 000001-999999

Reflecting on Weight Classes

However, some believe that the added motor might not necessarily catapult the vehicle’s weight into the next classification, suggesting a certain fluidity in the weight classes based on configurations – it’s possible that Tesla is just playing it safe to account for last-minute changes.

Price Points and Federal Credits

Concerns were also raised regarding the vehicle’s price points and their potential impact on eligibility for federal credits. With some configurations possibly pushing the price beyond $80,000, the availability of these credits becomes uncertain, adding another layer to prospective buyers’ considerations.

A Missing Quad Motor Model?

Amidst the speculations, one noteworthy revelation is the absence of the Quad Motor model in the 2024 VIN details, leaving enthusiasts in suspense regarding its potential future release.

Concluding Thoughts

In a synergy of excitement and curiosity, the disclosed VIN details have fueled rich discussions, offering a glimpse into the potential variances in the highly-anticipated Cybertruck models. Armed with this detailed breakdown and reflective analysis, enthusiasts and prospective buyers are better equipped to navigate the thrilling journey to the Cybertruck’s launch.

Source: NHTSA (PDF)

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