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Cybertruck Specs: RWD vs. AWD vs. Cyberbeast

It’s been 4 years since the Cybertruck was announced and Tesla has finally unveiled the official Cybertruck Specs! Here is a comparison of the specs for the three different Cybertruck models: Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD), All-Wheel Drive (AWD), and Cyberbeast: RWD AWD Cyberbeast Price $60,990 $79,990 $99,990 Availability 2025 2024 2024 Range 250 miles 340 miles […]

Cybertruck crushes Porsche 911 and F350 Diesel in speed and towing challenge

Elon Musk unveiled “the most unique thing on the road” at the Cybertruck Delivery Event, claiming victory with “a product that the experts said would never be made”, and declaring that “the future will finally look like the future” on American roads. Cybertruck vs. Porsche 911 The event had some jaw-dropping “wow” moments, but none […]

How to Watch: Cybertruck Launch Event [VIDEO]!

We’ve been waiting for the Cybertruck to launch for YEARS and the day is finally upon us! During this event, Tesla will announce details about the Cybertruck. Although attendance is limited to VIPs, the whole world can watch from home: the event will be live-streamed and you can watch it here. What: Cybertruck Delivery EventWhen: Thursday, November […]